Emerging Talent

In fulfillment of its Purpose, Creating a future, enhancing life, the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group remains dedicated to developing future-ready talent in Namibia.  As a Group of diverse companies operating with a growth mindset for both its businesses and people, O&L has been committed to its annual intake through the Emerging Talent Programme since its inception in 2007.  The purpose of this programme is to attract and select young graduates in various fields, with little to no work experience, and to develop their talents and support them as they enter the workplace.  What sets the Emerging Talent programme apart is that creates opportunities for diverse experience and exposure across various industries and within O&L's over fifteen Operating Companies.  All of this consolidates years of experience into an intensive twelve-month period thereby ensuring our candidates are resilient, well rounded professionals of immense caliber. 

At O&L, we believe that we are all born with unique gifts, but we must nurture, grow and develop these gifts for them to manifest into breakthrough talent.  With this inclusive philosophy to talent, we believe it is not only our privilege, but also our responsibility to develop our youth to become the best versions of themselves, thereby changing the world through their careers and lives

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Emerging Talent 23 - Kick Start Your Career

Emerging Talent 21 Journey


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